Public Event Trailer Toilet Hire – 4+2

This toilet unit is ideal to hire for public events and shows in addition to large sites and festivals in Wiltshire, Dorset and beyond.

The Ladies section includes four separate cubicles and the gents houses two cubilcles and three urinals.

Flexible toilet layout that can be converted to an all male or female layout by utilising the lockable door that joins the Ladies and Gents sections. When used as an all female unit the urinals are fully covered leaving a useful vanity unit. In all female configuration, there are six cubicles available. As an all gents unit there are six cubicles and three urinals.

With our trailer toilets you can be sure that the essentials are all taken care of and that our competitive prices will give you that little bit more to spend on something else!


  • Soft toilet tissue
  • Warm and cold water
  • Hand soap and paper towels
  • Waste bin in each cubicle


  • Usage: Suitable for up to 400-450 guests
  • Site Requirements: Firm level ground
  • Dimensions: 20ft (24 6″ inc. drawbar) x 7ft 6″
  • Mains Supply: 1/2 inch water, 110mm waste
  • Electrical: 13 amp or Generator

Other Info


For events running over a period of days we can meet ongoing servicing requirements and for an extra cost provide an onsite attendant to ensure that the facility remains clean, restocked and tidy.


We will usually conduct a pre hire site inspection to ascertain the most suitable location for the unit based on both access and convience.Our toilets are delivered, sited and tested by our competent staff.

Drainage Requirements

Our units are completely self contained and do not require separate drainage or a fresh water supply although for long term use the unit can be connected in this manner.

Toilet Hire – FAQs

Will Temporary Toilets deliver a different toilet unit from the unit we have seen or ordered?

NO. We book specific units to a specific customer to ensure that there are no nasty surprises and to ensure that your booking is fulfilled.

Will the delivery be on time?

We arrange a delivery time that ensures the temporary toilet is onsite and ready in good time before your event.

Could my toilet unit be dirty if it has come straight from another site or event?

NO. All of our units are thoroughly cleaned and prepared after being returned to our premises before being delivered to your event site.

What happens if something should go wrong with the unit?

Our units are the latest design and as such provide excellent reliability. This combined with our careful preparation means that problems are very rare. In the unlikely event of a problem arising we will endeavour to resolve the issue onsite.

Can you help with technical matters relating to the toilet?

Definitely. Please call us and we will answer any queries relating the delivery, onsite requirements or operation of our units that you may have.

Will there be any hidden costs?

We are up front with all our charges. Consumables including paper towels, soap and any other tissues or other internal decorations that we supply as standard are included in the price our customers are quoted. This leaves you to safely budget for other expenses you may have.

Are there any legal requirements regarding event toilets?

There can be depending on whether or not the event is open to members of the public. We can advise on all these matters including the number of toilets required for a given number of people, helping to ensure legal compliance for public events and happy guests for private events!

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